LilySpeech’s Tips on Using Speech to Text Software for Writing

LilySpeech'sTips on Using Speech to Text Software for Writing

Anyone who’s ever tried to write any paper of actual intellectual merit knows full well how much of a strain it is on your mind and your hands, whether it be a simple essay for school requirements, or a full-blown research paper on the topic of your choice.

So, when speech to text software like LilySpeech came popping up all over the market, people immediately took notice. See, there’s a reason for that. We here at LilySpeech understand that people embrace the things that make tasks convenient, and speech to text software is one such thing. So, why do people like them?

It’s because dictating to a software what you want to appear as text is, generally, much faster than simply typing it. This is useful for slow typers, or anyone with any sort of medical issue in their hands. It’s also real useful when handling first drafts, since those are just meant to exist, not to be entirely correct.

Now, here’s some tips for actually using this kind of software.

  • Speak with coherence. Software such as LilySpeech work best if you’re speaking in coherent, complete sentences.
  • Advice that applies to more than just using speech to text software: think before you say something.
  • Best to have an outline ready: get what you’re going to be translating into text beforehand.
  • Keep your outline nearby while you speak. No use making it if you’re not actually going to use it, now?
  • Placeholders are a thing. See, software like this isn’t perfect; we here at LilySpeech loathe to admit it, but speech to text software just can’t get everything. Use a special, unique placeholder to replace any name that speech to text software might have issues with. Fantastical names in fiction tend to get hit with this hard, but real life names, particularly in languages like Irish, French or the like tend to suffer from this too.
  • Avoid background noise. Just like how recording artists and voice actors have sealed booths in order to ensure audio quality, you should also avoid any environment with a lot of background noise.
  • Like any tool, it takes a while for you to get used to the little kinks of the software. Give yourself time for that adjustment period.
  • You know, you should avoid fillers like ‘you know’. Unlike that first bit.

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